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Technology Hits IDD Workshop

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Hill Country’s Intellectual and Developmental Disability workshop staff have long dreamed of having touch screen tablets for client education. Thanks to the First Presbyterian grant review board, the Scheib Center has been able to make this dream a reality. Scheib was awarded a $4380 grant from the Mary Bonner Foundation earlier this year. This generous grant enabled the Scheib Board to purchase 10 ipads with covers, which were recently given to the workshop clients.

With these advanced technology tools, the staff is able to add numerous activities to the workshop curriculum. Some of the most popular apps they are using are a bowling app for improving hand-eye coordination, candy crush for matching and word search for increasing vocabulary. Family Feud is by far the most popular and helps word association and teamwork. These games offer the clients a sense of accomplishment, which is obvious as you hear one yell out, “I made it to level 10!” The tablets are extremely easy for the clients to use, and they have required minimal instruction. All of the IDD workshop staff strongly agree the introduction to this advanced technology has already produced noticeable improvement in the clients.

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