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Burdine Johnson Foundation

The Scheib Center would like to acknowledge the Burdine Johnson Foundation for its incredible support and generous donation of $65,000 toward the construction of our new activity hall!  With the support of personal donations, a Community Development Block Grant, and the Burdine Johnson grant, remodeling our old warehouse into David’s Activity Hall has become a reality.  The project will create a suitable space in which to provide our clients with essential services and programs, which is imperative to Scheib’s continued growth and our clients’ continued progression. 

The addition of a gymnasium/recreation room is the uppermost benefit of this remodel, because of its immeasurable impact on our developmentally disabled clients.  Physical activity, games, sports, and therapy are essential parts of helping these individuals reach their full potential.  Furthermore, this building would positively impact the lives of all our staff, who tirelessly work to fulfill the needs of others.  The Scheib Center thanks the Burdine Johnson Foundation and all of its other friends for supporting our mission of providing mental health and developmental disability services to those in need. 


Scheib Music Fest
Our first benefit concert March 1, 2014!

Well-known and talented Texas artists (Terri Hendrix, The Fossils, Chris Salinas the Wildgrass Band) will be “bringing down the house” at the Commemorative Air Force hangar on March 1st, 2014.

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