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David's Activity Hall Grand Opening

The Scheib Center celebrated the opening of David's Activity Hall, the organization's newest addition to its three-acre campus located in San Marcos on July 17th, 2014.

The newly-remodeled 5,000 square foot facility provides activity space for the center's clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and modern office space for the Scheib Board of Directors and Hill Country Mental Health counseling staff. The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, a partnership with local law enforcement that intervenes in emergency situations involving mental health, and the Peer to Peer mental health counseling group are also housed in the new facility.

Funds for the construction of David's Activity Hall were provided primarily by a donation from Judy Norsworthy, wife of the late David Norsworthy, for whom the building is named. Additional funds were provided by H-E-B, Lowe's, the city of San Marcos, the Burdette-Johnson Foundation and a Community Development Block Grant, in addition to many individual donors.

The building was remodeled from a structure originally erected in 1982 as a storage warehouse. It was later converted to office and meeting space, but had become outdated and inefficient. The newly remodeled space has a large activity room, several meeting rooms, storage areas, office space and a modern kitchen that can be used in job training for IDD clients, many of whom are able to obtain employment in the restaurant industry.

The opening of David's Activity Hall is the latest accomplishment in a two-year effort to enlarge and modernize the aging mental health care facility in order to serve a demand for services that has seen exponential growth in recent years.

In December of 2011, the Board of Directors voted to invest $80,000 to renovate and upgrade one of the original buildings that was being used for IDD services. This project was promptly begun and completed in June 2012.

With the completion of the renovation of the IDD building, the board turned its attention to the facilities used for mental health services. More space was needed in order to provide for an increase in demand for these services. Construction plans for a new 4,000 square foot building were prepared and the search for funding began. The Scheib board submitted an application to a statewide competition known as the Mueller Helping Hands Project. Out of more than 150 applicants, the Scheib Center was selected to receive the new building as a donation from The Mueller Company. The building frame, skin, roof and exterior doors were provided free, and the Scheib Board would have to raise funds for the foundation, landscaping and interior finishing work.

Realizing that the 12 member, all-volunteer board needed help, they hired Scheib's first paid employee, Executive Director Abby Merrill, to manage the three-acre campus with five buildings totaling 25,000 square feet. Merrill would also develop a budget and strategic plan, coordinate fundraising and apply for grants to fund future projects.

Merrill organized her first major fundraiser in March of this year, the Scheib Musicfest. Held in the Commemorative Air Force Hangar in San Marcos, the event featured three bands, a barbecue buffet featuring David Peterson's Moose's barbecue and silent and live auctions. Nearly 500 people came out to support Scheib and the event raised $15,000.

Under Merrill's leadership, Scheib has been awarded more than $315,000 in grants plus acquired a considerable sum in private donations in the last two years. These funds have enabled Scheib to complete the renovation and construction projects, upgrade the landscaping and complete the remodel of David's Activity Hall.

The next objective is the opening of the Youth Crisis Respite Center. This facility will offer enhanced readily accessible services to youth with behavioral health crises in order to avoid psychiatric hospitalizations, and to youth who are displaying behaviors that place them at risk. The Respite Center will be set up similar to a group home environment and will minimize the trauma associated with the child's situation. This facility is scheduled to open in San Marcos near the fall of 2014.

Although the Scheib Board of Directors has been successful in raising the funds needed for these recent projects, additional funds are needed to maintain these heavily used facilities.

The local community has shown that ours is a caring community. They have shown that by opening their hearts and opening their wallets.

Our Mission

The Scheib Center provides mental health and mental disability services to residents in San Marcos and Hays County mainly to those without insurance and those on Medicaid. Our two service areas are: Mental Health Services and services to those with mental disabilities, which today is known as Intellectually Developmentally Disabled.

Approximately 2,800 adults and children receive regular services at Scheib. This number does not include all the family members, parents, and care givers who benefit from the counseling, education, and emotional support involved in helping their loved ones. San Marcos and Hays County benefit from having citizens with better mental health and the type of ongoing care provided by Scheib. Our goal is to continue to search for ways to assist recovery and to improve the lives of our citizens.

Local Businesses Support Scheib

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to two local retailers (Lowe's and HEB) for their recent donations.  Their support is overwhelming and very much in need for our renovation of our old MCOT building into David's Activity Hall.  Our Mental Health, IDD and Veteran programs will directly benefit from these generous gifts.

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HEB 2013 checkHEB


No One’s Favorite Charity
By Anne Osborn Tomasso
Ask a San Marcos local what’s their favorite charity and you are likely to hear The Hays County Food Bank, Prevent a Litter (PALS), The Women's Center, or maybe The San Marcos River Foundation. People like to think about, and give to, organizations that help the poor, the environment, women and children, or cute puppies. Who doesn't like puppies? But one organization you are not so likely to hear people mention is the Scheib Center.
Never heard of the Scheib Center? Perhaps you’ve heard the name, or driven past the facility on Bishop Road but never knew what really happens there. Maybe that is because at Scheib, we help the people of this area that no one wants to talk about, or think about.
The Scheib Center is a local nonprofit organization founded in 1971 with a donation from Mr. and Mrs. Buck Scheib for the purpose of providing a facility where our citizens who live each day with the challenge of mental illness can receive needed services. We also operate a day workshop for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities...those we used to call retarded.
It is heartwarming to see so many dedicated people working to help our local citizens in need. At Scheib, you will find psychiatrists, psychologists, case workers, law enforcement personnel and a whole lot of other folks who just plain care. Clients get medical care, counseling, and attend peer groups. Veterans have access to needed services. Intellectually disabled adults can get job training or work to earn income by assembling “pic-pacs,” picnic packets with plastic ware, a napkin, and salt and pepper packets. There are even art and music classes offered at Scheib Center.
In addition to adults with intellectual disabilities, our clients include veterans who have fought bravely for our country and have paid a steep price in mental health for their efforts. You will find people battling addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and a variety of other mental health issues. And you will find the Hays County Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, a collaboration of law enforcement and mental health counselors who intervene in crisis situations involving mental health.
Over the last couple of years, the number of individuals receiving services through Scheib has increased about 30 percent. In 2013, we served nearly 3,000 people, most of whom have an annual family income of less than $15,000 a year. No person is ever denied services because of lack of insurance or an inability to pay. And with the implementation of the new health care laws, we are mandated to accept any new patient without an appointment leading to a surge in the number seeking care.
The facilities and services at Scheib are partially funded by federal grants and Medicaid, but that money is limited and shrinking at a time when demand for services is growing exponentially. Lobbyists for mental health have been somewhat effective at limiting funding cuts for these services, but the intellectually disabled do not have a strong public voice to speak for them. And these folks do not possess the ability to speak for themselves. Consequently, funding for services for the intellectually disabled have suffered massive cuts. The quality of facilities and services that would be provided based on government funding alone is inadequate and not good enough for this community or for the clients of the Scheib Center.
Here’s where you can help. Grants and donations are desperately needed to provide these citizens, your neighbors, with needed services and opportunities and a first class facility that San Marcos can be proud of. Please consider adding the Scheib Center to your list of favorite charities for cash donations, or as a great place for your group’s annual service project. For further information contact Executive Director Abby Merrill at abby@scheibcenter.org.

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